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This spring, protect your foundation

It's the rainy season. When water rises from the ground, water can seep into foundations, creating damp and mould inside. Resisto has everything you need to keep your clients' foundations waterproofed.

RESISTOSEAL FOUNDATION COATING is a solvent that evaporates quickly.

- Keep water out of foundation walls, footings, retaining walls, wing walls, abutments and culverts.
- Protect masonry or concrete structures from moisture absorption and infiltration.            

Resisto's BASIC WATERPROOFING MEMBRANE is a self-adhesive membrane

- Ideal for waterproofing roofs as a base sheet in two-ply roofing systems.
- Use it on decks, balconies, patios, foundations and foundation cracks and shower bases.

Find more great foundation waterproofing products in-store or online.

The perfect time to think re-cladding

Kaycan has vinyl siding products in a wide range of colours and textures to help your clients give their homes a facelift for spring.

Kaycan's insulated and foam-backed siding offers extra insulation and is durable against the elements

Montebello has a rustic feel. Rounded edges give it a log home look.
- Ocean Park XL Ultra is offered in a number of pastel colours to brighten up any exterior.
- Richmond Ultra shows that innovation and style go hand-in-hand. Extreme durability, noise reduction, added R-Value in a broad selection of colours.

Contact us for all your spring renovation needs.

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