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2 ways to help clients save money with home renos

Contractors do more than just help their clients plan home renovations – they add value with their experience and advice. As Canadians move from the hot summer into the coolness of fall, you can help them insulate to save money over time. 

The R-Value of a building is first and foremost its insulation value. Help your clients boost the R-value of their homes in the following ways so they can keep their energy bills in check this winter.

1. Insulation keeps warmth in and drafts out
Any renovation that requires you to open walls inside or out is an opportunity to improve and increase insulation. Innovation in this industry has come a long way, with different types of insulation designed for ease of instalment and varying purposes.

• Traditional fiberglass insulation offers thermal protection, helps your clients save on energy bills and offers a buffer against sound. Various sizes and weights can help you determine where to install. Forget the itch – you can now get fiberglass with a plastic overcoat to protect your hands.

• Mineral wool is a good choice for those looking for a natural fire insulator. It's easy to handle and prevents against mould and mildew, while offering significant savings on energy bills.

• Spray foam can be used outside or inside to boost thermal protection in hard-to-reach cavities, like crawl spaces, ceilings and other hard-to-reach areas. Identify these areas for improvement and your homeowner clients could see huge savings on their heating bills this winter.

Discover Johns Manville insulation solutions a full range of insulation products, tips and ideas for installation.

2. Windows that save you money
More than just an accessory, windows have become an area of high performance for your clients that are looking to improve energy efficiency and save money. Thermal glass technology has come a long way. Find the right solution for your clients.

• Vinyl windows are one of North America's most popular choice. They come in a broad range of colours and are an easy-to-clean, low-maintenance solution. Vinyl windows are a good, energy-efficient choice and can offer the homeowner significant savings for years after installation is complete.

• Choose thermal glass. Glass technology has come a long way. Ultraviolet light prevents fading of furniture and décor – and boosted R-values means, with the right choice, clients can save money on heating and cooling.

Visit Ply-Gem's Learning Centre for everything you need to know about advanced window technology and how the right windows can save your clients money down the road.

Have more questions about products that can improve the energy efficiency of your client's homes? Come in and see our experts in-store.

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