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Homeowners expect a lot from today's contractor. After all, you're the expert when it comes to their next home renovation project.

Walls matter: 
• Create healthy spaces with walls that clean the air
• Design restful spaces with walls that control sound
• Maximize durability with walls that can handle almost anything.

Consider your options when designing the perfect solution for your customer. Create better environments today by considering these four drywall solutions:

4 Drywall Solutions 
1. INDOOR AIR QUALITY – The right material can improve indoor air quality by removing formaldehyde from the air. The industry's first formaldehyde-absorbing technology was developed by CertainTeed. Their innovative AIRRENEW® drywall actively removes formaldehyde from the air, converting it into a safe, inert compound, and improving indoor air quality for families.

2. MOISTURE and MOULD – Reduce the risk of mould growth in areas susceptible to high humidity* and moisture with M2Tech®. Protect kitchens and bathrooms with moisture-resistant drywall.

Some people think several coats of high-quality paint will protect drywall from moisture, but this isn't always the best strategy. If water gets behind the paint where the paint stops and a sink top or cabinet edge begins, it's the perfect entry point for mould. Even if water only seeps through from time to time, it can cause slow damage to the drywall, itself.

Install a moisture and mould control board in areas where water damage is likely to occur. *not recommended for continuously high humidity areas

3. ACOUSTICS – Reduce sound transmission between rooms. 
There are many reasons homeowners require sound reduction in today's homes. 
• Increasing land costs have resulted in larger amounts of high density, multi-family housing;
• Home theater systems are more prevalent in use and sophistication, which can mean more noise transmitted between wall partitions.

There are solutions you can offer your client to reduce unwanted noise. SilentFX® QuickCut™ is an innovative new product that significantly improves sound attenuation and is ideal for applications requiring high STC performance. Designed to easily score and snap, SilentFX® QuickCut™ allows for faster installation and lower labour costs.

4. DURABILITY– Protect high-traffic areas and reduce visible damage by choosing NO-COAT®, an extra tough drywall corner that withstands severe impacts. Available in Outside and Inside 90°, Bullnose, L-Trim and Arch profiles. Never sacrifice design elements for durability.

Be sure to protect new walls by applying a high-performance paint such as General Paint's HP2000 series. This waterborne acrylic latex has been engineered to provide superior durability, including a fungicidal agent to inhibit mildew growth.

Contact us to find out how we can help you choose the best drywall solution for your client. We're happy to help consult on your next project.

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